Friday, 2 September 2011

A much needed dressing down at the airport

Despite the mildly disparaging title of this blog (no, it's not my real name), it was never intended to contain a series of rants. Even so, I'll make no apology for this one.

That a substantial number of Sikhs gathered, today, outside Parliament, to protest about being asked to remove their turbans, at airports, is lamentable. Peaceful and pleasant people they may be, but, for anyone’s sake, have those who took part in the demonstration learned nothing from 9/11?!.. and am I alone in being staggered that, arguably the most graphic example of faith overriding reason, in history has left minds unchanged? How many towers, I ask , will it take?!
The turban is, to Sikhs, much more than a mere piece of cloth; yet, it can, undeniably, be used to conceal explosives (something which, in fact, happened just a few days ago, with tragic consequences) so, clearly, those concerned (or should that be unconcerned?) place their proclaimed right not to remove it before the safety of fellow travellers.
How many innocent lives have been sacrificed, already, to theistic faith? Perhaps someone can tell me, because I couldn’t begin to work it out. Yet, they would, it seems, let the horror of that September day happen all over again, in order to keep themselves observant!
Airline security is a serious matter and those who seek special privilege should keep their feet firmly on the ground.
Noble Sikhs, please make my day and leave a comment. Assure me that there are those of you who refuse to run with the pack!

p.s  The Mail on Sunday readers may be interested to know that this blog post was written in the modern era, despite the sensibilities of their paper's editor.....

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