Thursday, 15 September 2011

Do the honourable members wish to comment?

Disappointed to hear Owen Paterson, on last night’s ‘Question Time’, adopt the most common stance, of MPs, when Iraq is mentioned. How often is it said that time will tell?... the proof-of-the-pudding argument, that seeks to brush a concern, in the minds of many, under the carpet, faster than one can say carnage. It’s a well devised response; there to divert our attention, from the true injustice of war, by proffering only two avenues, of thought; that if Iraq thrives, the intervention should be considered admirable and if it does not, foolish. Devised, I suggest, to preclude concern, for the unwarring victim. Estimates, of civilian casualties, in the Iraq conflict, vary; most being between 100,000 and 600,000. But time is the politician’s friend. Images tend to fade. Newspapers are recycled, to save the world, and economic concerns pushed, to the fore. Then, hey presto!...a shiny new democracy, where once was repression; yet, let the stories, of collateral families, be told and their demise subvert the politician’s crown, of success.


vjohn82 said...

George Bush believed that he was on a mission inspired by the Christian god; it's no surprise that these Muslims were treated as collateral damage when bible briefings and prayers make up part of a Presidential war cabinet.

Webbawebb said...

Thanks for your comment John. I couldn't agree more.