Tuesday, 29 August 2017

One Pussible Explanation

The behaviour, of local cats, continues to interest me; in particular, those with wholly black fur. It’s apparent that their behaviour differs, significantly, from others and so I’m inclined to ask why. My own theory; the only logical explanation I’ve been able to come up with; is that they’ve been shaped, through the generations, by man’s behaviour, toward them. Ours has long been a superstitious nation; with many seeing black cats as different and being wary of them. They have not been permitted to cross the paths of some and not approached with the usual degrees of trust and affection. If I’m correct, a disconnection has occurred; one reflected, in their non-acceptance of us. Of course, in their respective homes, things are likely to be different; but it remains true that their behaviour, on the street, is, in many cases, quite distinct. We are, perhaps, more influential than is generally understood.

Monday, 28 August 2017

Pass me the remote

Less than thrilling fare, on today’s This Morning programme (ITV), with a soft-voiced, Irish, woman, keen to persuade viewers, that we all have a ‘guardian angel’. On first hearing, it may seem harmless enough, but consider this perfectly credible scenario: A member of your family wonders whether he, or she, should take a short-cut, home. The alley-way, before them, is dark and seems unsafe, but they’ve been persuaded that some mystical presence is protecting them. And so they venture, where others would not; and are never seen, alive, again. Perhaps someone can tell me the difference, between a peddler, of superstition and a wide-boy, who flogs cars, with dodgy brakes. I’d call it junk TV, if it weren’t more dangerous than that.